The Failure of Success


A commissioned documentary for Finantzaz haratago, Basque Network of Education in Ethical and Alternative Finance.

A briefcase, a computer, a bench... where is the money kept? Invisibility is further one of the main features of the economy by the arrival of virtual wallets. Blockchain, gambling, cryptocurrencies... The names keep changing, but the trap stays the same.

Technical sheet


Gorka Orue

Galder Tudela


Edurne Blázquez

Borja Cañavate


Maider Henares

Josefina "Txefi" Roco Sanfilippo

Written & directed by: Paula Iglesias & Marta Gómez

Photography: Paula Iglesias & Marta Gómez

Producer: Sara Blanco

Art & Costume: Marta Gómez

Production & Art assistant: Alba Sagasti

Sound & Editing: Paula Iglesias

Color grading: Emilia Martín

Sound postproduction: Iñigo Etxarri

Locution: Garazi Velasco

Soundtrack: Severine Beata

Language: Basque, Spanish

Subtitles: Basque, Spanish, English, French

Sound: 5.1

Ratio: 16:9

Recording format: 4k

Movie format: 2k

Rated: Suitable for all audiences

Distribution Company

Al Borde films