Sara Blanco Pérez
Marta Gómez Calderón
Screenwritter & Director
Paula Iglesias Rodríguez
Director & Editor
Audiovisual recycling

We are committed to remixing and reusing. We are fans of collage and we believe that sometimes it is not necessary to generate more products.

Life in center

We are concerned about care’s place in labor relations. We want the path we decided to start in 2015 to continue to be sustainable.


We are part of networks such as IBAIA, REAS, EIKEN, HEMEN and GORATUZ, great
companions to create and grow with.

Sustainable space

We buy local and organic whenever we can. We try to make most of the technology we use conflict-free.

Software and free licenses

Our projects have Creative Commons licenses. Open source and collaborative processes are the future.

Feminist look

Throughout our projects we try to dismantle roles and deconstruct stories to achieve equity.


We are a small social initiative cooperative and every important decision is made by consensus.

Energy sovereignty

We work surrounded by lights and computers powered by renewable energies
thanks to Som Energía.