The story of a woman who learnt how to hear the silence

In September 2022, we will beghin the shooting of Flying Hands, a documentary feature film for the Baltistan Foundation that will take us to the Hushé Valley, in Pakistan, to tell the story of Aniqa Bano.

Aniqa’s struggle to defend the dignity and rights of those who had been condemned for centuries to not be able to have a full life, not even a life in contact with other human beings, allows us to address several topics of great interest. This story also tells us about a commitment to the community and how integration and equal opportunities for everybody represent a direct benefit for the coexistence of society. Aniqa has not only fought for the rights of her daughters, but for all the daughters of her community. Aniqa is one of the best examples of successful entrepreneurship. Many others are sprouting in the Hushé Valley thanks to the Social Innovation Platform and a new development cooperation model.

Hopefully the silence of the Karakoram mountains will help us listen to those around us with more than just our ears.